Are you connecting with your customers – or boring them to death?

About Colbert Creative

Like mosquitoes in a Manitoba summer, bad advertising is hard to escape. It’s also an incredible waste of money. Why would you want to pester prospective customers with yelling, boasting, repeated phone numbers or mindless jingles – or not win their attention at all – when you could be building a relationship? Is it because building a relationship takes a little more effort? Is it because you haven’t dealt with Colbert Creative Communication yet? Good ads are like a friendly, one-on-one conversation. For the three or four seconds you’ve snagged someone’s ears or eyeballs, you’ve got a shot at winning a piece of their heart – by telling them how you can improve their lives, then leaving them with a little smile. They might reward you by remembering your message, or even buying your product or service. At Colbert Creative Communication, we endeavour to: engage, not lecture. Inform, not insult. Entertain, not bore. Make sense to you? If so, join us in our mission. To Stamp Out Boring Advertising.

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