Our Approach

You wouldn’t show up for work in a $100 suit. Why dress your corporate image in poorly crafted messaging? Professional-looking, effective communication reflects well on you and your organization. Your target market will notice.

About Colbert Creative

Colbert Creative Communication is a small but highly opinionated ad and communications agency located in Vancouver, British Columbia. As you might guess, we specialize in creative excellence.

Our services include creative writing and design for advertising in all media — radio, print, TV, Internet, collateral advertising materials (brochures, sellsheets etc.), logo design, and some package design. Typically we employ one of more associates to help us with projects we haven’t got the time or wherewithal to complete in-house – maybe audio and video projects, studio photography, website production or large-scale print production. Our quality is high, and our rates are reasonable.

 About The Owner


Jim Colbert, Principal

Jim Colbert started his career as a motorcycle journalist, a dream job which paved the way to a career as an advertising copywriter with several leading national agencies. He has worked on major accounts including Honda, Toyota, Boston Pizza and the David Suzuki Foundation. Along the way, he has gathered a small but loyal (and successful) group of clients who understand and appreciate the importance and the power of superior branding and marketing. Colbert Creative Communication was incorporated in 1997.